Be Someones Person

During 2018/19 approximately 279 people chose to end their lives on UK railway lines.

Today , I was waiting at the level crossing in my town and I wondered why those men and women would choose such a horrific way to end their lives. Obviously, I understand that those poor souls couldn’t see any other escape from the demons that plagued them. But why the railway?

Maybe it’s because it is ultimately the quickest way to achieve their goal. It is rare that anyone could survive the impact of being hit by a high speed train.

Then I began thinking about how low those people must have been feeling to even contemplate taking their life in such a horrific way. Or in any way . I have been low enough to want to disappear , to move away and start again where nobody knows me. I can also understand why people would want to take their own lives. When it feels like there is no other option.

But there is help out there. Never ever think there isn’t.

Organisations such as Samaritans are there to specifically help those who are tormented by their own minds and lives. It can happen to anyone. Mental Health problems are not selective. It’s not always the stereotypical ‘voices’ in the head that can push someone to such a decision. It could be financial stress, the break down of a relationship, grief, self loathing. There are so many different issues under the Mental Health heading that could lead a person to make such an extreme choice. Mental Health issues are not always visible on the outside. We may expect to see tears and sadness but many who suffer have become experts in hiding their illness.

If you know of someone who is suffering in silence , make contact. Hear them. Show them there is hope. Be someones person.

Guide them to their next sunrise.

Please visit my Help and Advice page for some helpful websites.

And please, please contact me if you need someone to talk to.

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