Day 1

Today I begin my immersion into the world of Blogging. I have a lot to learn so please, bare with me. I guess I should jump right in and start with the latest issue that is occurring on a daily/nightly basis. HOT FLUSHES AND NIGHT SWEATS!!!

Now I can remember my Mum having these but MY GOD! I never realised just how annoying they can be. The hot flushes are something else I can tell you. Ladies, if you are yet to experience this all I can say is imagine a volcano. Yep! Let me describe this to you….

It starts at your feet. A warm bubbling that slowly rises up through your legs getting hotter as it climbs. When it gets passed your waist is when the fun starts. You start to try to do anything to ease this heat that is rising through your body but to no avail. When it reaches your neck you have no option but to ride with it. It becomes obvious that no matter what you do your head is about to burst, showering everyone and everything around you with molten lava. OK..maybe not bursting and maybe not lava but its heat like you have never known it before.

As for the night sweats…imagine swimming in a beautiful blue ocean and emerging dripping wet and searching for a towel to dry off…… except there is no ocean. And its not beautiful. Its hot and everything is soaked through and you know you should get up and change your vest or whatever you are wearing but you also know there really is no point as chances are it will happen again. I now just have one question: WHEN WILL THIS END???

My GP said that this potentially can go on for 10 years! Yeah cheers for that mate. You really know how to make someone feel better!! So I guess it’s a case of learning to live with it. And researching some foods/drinks/homeopathic remedies to help as I don’t fancy going down the HRT route just yet. In the mean time I shall listen to a song to help laugh it off … Let’s go with Billy Idol – Hot In The City!!

Awesome photography by @marcszeglat

Please visit my Help and Advice page for tips on how to reduce hot flushes and night sweats.

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